Chamber of Dream Merchants

The Dream Merchants’ Chamber
Çiler İlhan

“There are various different ways of clothing the truth. These stories prove that the writer has no shortage of clothing. A pageant of colour from a distance; the story draws you but actually underneath uncanny things go on…” Aslı Tohumcu, Akşam

Artemis introduces to literature a story writer worthy of making the reading of stories a taste of indescribable delight: Çiler İlhan. A fabricator without limits!

I believe that only those who are in pain have the right to feel sad for others. I believed that Çiler İlhan had the right to see life as a dream when I read her amazing stories that beckon us to the nooks and crannies which until now our imagination has not entered. Ilhan conveys to us yet again that writing is a constant regeneration and restoration. My favourite; the 6th Magistrates court… A trail blazer in the story valley.”
Sadık Yalsızuçanlar

Stories that digress from the well-trodden, insipid, colourless, monotonous main roads of stark reality. An imagination shedding light on those that have evolved from usC that have thoroughly permeated every corner. The owner of The Dream Merchants’ Chamber, Çiler İlhan vivaciously makes a kite of the elusive abstract and releases it to her readers’ sky through the window of dreams. The string she uses is her fluent language. Provocative stories to save dreams from ending up on the rubbish tip…”
Sadık Yemni

“Once upon a time Çiler İlhan set off on a journey, words in her pocket, miracles on her tongue. Let’s wait and see what falls into your fantasy!”
Gündüz Vassaf