City and Food

Publishing the İTEF festival book in 2010 for the first time, İTEF has started the anthology tradition, a must for the world’s prominent literature festivals, within its own body as well. The primary aim of the İTEF festival book is to enrich the environement of literature in Turkey as the prestige publication of İTEF, the first and prominent international literature festival in Turkey.

Written on a single theme but comprising a wide variety of forms, styles and genres, the book also emphasizes İTEF’s permanence as a literature festival that becomes Istanbul.

The İTEF 2011 festival book was published on the theme of “City and Food” through the participation of the İTEF authors and the sponsorship provided by UPM for paper.

Parallel to this year’s theme, in addition to their original texts the authors contribute to the book with a recipe they wish to share with the readers.

Wishing you days full of literature.