İpekli Mendil

‘I want to create a dictionary of stories, one that itemises the subjects, colours, concepts, moments and characters in our short stories.’

Silk Handkerchief is the result of an endeavour that Yekta Kopan embarked upon during his time at Eşik Cini [Doorstep Demon] magazine and expanded over a long period of time, supported by an accomplished team of experts. A lexicographer’s painstaking attention to detail in each entry is evident in Silk Handkerchief that covers hundreds of short story writers from the mid-19th century through to the young names of our time. The reader is offered a fresh new look at familiar names, the chance to regret having overlooked past masters and finally, an introduction to the young masters of today.

Silk Handkerchief is a reference book that charts the progress of Turkish short stories, its changing face through the years and unchanging problems with selections from 300 different storywriters.