ReadAct w/Tailoring The Future
Performance and public speaking workshop
7 July 2020, Tailoring The Future Training Center, Rijswijk, The Netherlands

ReadAct w/EU Prize for Literature
Digital master class
8 June 2020, Online/Zoom

ReadAct w/EU Prize for Literature
Digital master class
6 May 2020, Online/Zoom

What is ReadAct?

ReadAct is a unique way of reading. It’s not simply reading, nor is it purely acting. It’s an act of reading. The act of reading.

There is always the opportunity to be more appealing in life. For example, when it’s your turn to utter a few words at a round table meeting, do that presentation which will get you a promotion, or the big client, present your project to your classmates, and take the stage at a festival… A little acting can’t hurt in the pursuit of success, glory, and even love!

ReadAct is a unique performance & a workshop. Like ReadAct itself, Çiler İlhan is a melange of creative and corporate life. With both political science & international relations and hotel management background, she has 25 years executive level experience in management, communications, journalism, and editorship. In the two-hour performance/workshop she reads from her books, shares tips on how to enhance your public speaking skills and invites participants to do their own act by reading a text of their choice. Who is it for? For professionals, students, artists; anyone who’d like take their story telling and public speaking skills to a next level.

Ilhan came up with the idea of ReadAct from her experience speaking at art and literary festivals around the globe. She saw an exciting opportunity to combine her three passions: Literature, acting, and communications. By bringing acting to her readings, she brings characters to life, enriches the storytelling experience and more fully engages her audience. As author of two books of which Exile, the recipient of European Prize for Literature 2011 was translated to over 20 languages including Dutch (Verbannen, De Geus), she also has contributed to over 15 prominent national and international anthologies with her stories and articles. Her new novel is coming out this year.

In ReadAct participants get to be the star of their own show too. The main language is English however Ilhan reads from her books in 3 languages; English, Turkish, and Dutch while participants can read in any language they choose. Join a session of ReadAct; it’s artistic, it’s pragmatic, it’s fun!