Hate Speech

PEN 49th International Writers’ Meeting, Slovenia / “Is Hate Speech Declaration of War?” / Çiler İlhan

@PNN: This morning, a lady jogging in the park was beaten by a man. It was found out the lady was 4 months pregnant. http://pregnantwoman/betaen/123

@purple_man: What a prick! Whoever finds him just beat the shit out of this mofo!

@jeannedarc: If they keep letting bullies out of prisons leaving no law and order in the country, this is what happens.

@PNN: It was found out that the guy got out of his car, and just started hitting & kicking the pregnant woman saying ‘do not come to this park or jog here once again!’

@adem2: Ok it’s not nice to beat a pregnant woman but tell me; what the hack was she doing like that all alone in the park? Shouldn’t she be home?!

@jeannedarc @adem2: Is it you then to decide who should stay home and who should not? What’s it to you?

@adem2 @jeannedarc: What is to you then? Do you have like a permanent spot in the park?? Is that why you’re offended?

@jeannedarc @adem2: Wow! Go swagger around, since laws don’t protect kids and women but sick people like you.

@ayla @adem2 @jeannedarc: It’s not even worth to speak to you. You hard hats, you so called religious people should just leave us alone.

@adem2 @ayla @jeannedarc: If you don’t like ‘our religion’ get the fuck out of ‘our’ country!

@abdullah @adem2 @ayla @jeannedarc: Hey bro! Any support to finish off these bitches?

@PNN: The lady who was beaten in the park said she was properly dressed, and her jacket was zipped up. Feminists protest, and say no one has to defend herself in this way.

@PNN: The hashtag #IdressasIlike and #Ilovejogging has been trending in Twitter since the morning.

@ayse_lawyer @abdullah @adem2 @ayla @jeannedarc: I will sue you for the above tweet; calling my friends b…..s.

@abdullah @ayse_lawyer @adem2 @ayla @jeannedarc: Sue as much as you can! Who’s scared of you or your law? Don’t make us visit you in your office!

@purple_man @abdullah @ayse_lawyer @adem2 @ayla @jeannedarc: You fucking cowards! Enough already! Come to my office if you will!

@abdullah @purple_man @abdullah @ayse_lawyer @adem2 @ayla @jeannedarc: What are you? Her pimp?

@purple_man @mehmet @abdullah @ayse_lawyer @adem2 @ayla @jeannedarc: I swear I’m gonna find you with ma boys. We’re gonna teach you how to be a man!

@jeannedarc @ayse_lawyer @ayla: I don’t get it… When, how we have become such brutal, ignorant folks… So heart breaking…

@adem2 @jeannedarc @ayse_lawyer @ayla: Just fucking leave if you don’t like it here. We want nice women around, not old cats like you.

@PNN: The case of the pregnant lady is becoming a huge dispute in social media. #decentwomenstayhome has replaced #IdressasIlike hashtag as trending topic.

@PNN: The mother of the guy who beat the pregnant woman this morning at the park has spoken to us. Stay tuned!

@PNN: The mother says; ‘He was always a very angry boy. A very stupid one too. His father tried hard to make something out of him but apparently it did not work.’

@jeannedarc: OMG. I Wish I didn’t hear the guy’s mum talk. Where do you start fixing things?

@abdullah @jeannedarc: Well cleary your father didn’t beat you up enough!

@adem2 @abdullah @jeannedarc: Telling you bro! These girls need a good spanky! Ha ha ha…

@abdullah @adem2: Well said bro!

@jeannedarc @abdullah @adem2: You are disgusting.

@abdullah @adem2 @jeannedarc @ayse_lawyer: We’ll sue you for insulting us! Hahahaha! Whose side you think the judge will be on?

@PNN: A group of men raided a lawyer’s office this afternoon in Beyoglu. The lawyer A.L. said she will not speak for she will start the legal process.

@PNN: A group of men calling themselves ‘ma’jingo-boys’ attacked another group in Beyoglu. Police says it might have a relation to lawyer’s office raid this afternoon.

@jeannedarc This just got out of hand. Defending ‘women rights’ thrashing each other? Well done boys!! Very smart!!!

@ayla @jeannedarc It will be us again, who will be there… We’ll be there at the court to support our pregnant lady. Let these idiots kill each other.

@ayse_lawyer @ayla @jeannedarc I’ll let you know of the date girls. Keep safe.

@PNN: Turn off your phones and turn on your TVs! The best, the most rated show of all times, You Can Dance will start in 5 minutes!